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Elikya association sector dedicated to the comparison between educators, teachers, trainers with the purpose of thinking, drafting and implementing projects, educational paths, repeatable formats that can be carried out in schools and in educational realities (oratories, gathering centres, associations) etc.) with a style and contents that are mirror of Elikya association and of the values that are at the base of it.

A first educational project launched in the 2018/2019 school year was “Come l’ Okapi”, promoted by CELIM, involving Associazione Elikya as a partner in its realisation. These were training courses to foster dialogue and pass homologation, which involved around 17,600 girls and boys between 6 and 25 and 1,050 educators and teachers from schools and community centres in the Lombardy provinces. The objective was to enter schools with the theme of intercultural differences through a path that wanted students to learn about cultural characteristics of other countries. Elikya has been involved both with operators within the schools paths and with the choir in the realization of events built ad hoc on the project themes.


Area dedicated to the monitoring of proposals, events, projects that revolve around the themes of Elikya, to propose mainly to members and especially to those involved in particular projects, participation in refresher and deepening meetings that can help to enrich and enhance knowledge, skills and sensitivity of individual members.

In a second moment Elikya itself will be the promoter of meetings, training events open to its members and to the external public.


Area that coordinates monitors and designs activities related to the artistic world of the association, in particular the proposal of Elikya Choir and the musicians that revolve around it.

We also want to explore the field of theatrical art, dance and percussive music through laboratory proposals. These are sectors that can be aimed at supporting artistic events by Elikya itself.


Area dedicated to the confrontation and dialogue on the themes of the “path”: the journey, the journey as a metaphor for life, to be in search, in movement, to enter more and more into the awareness of one’s being (desires, abilities, spirituality) and relations with the others, the travelling companions… the “baggage”: what is needed to face the journey well… the “goal”: finding a meaning in what you live…

Both members and not can be part of it, those who have lived or want to live particular experiences to deepen this research. The comparison is born specifically from the personal experiences of individuals. The area project can lead in perspective into proposals and paths for individuals or groups.


Area of comparison and reflection on the concrete proposals that can be carried out directly by Elikya and/or which can be submitted to the diocesan council for a Church by the people, to give a real contribution to the steps that the diocesan church can implement at pastoral level in receiving the contents elaborated by the Minor Synod. The topics to be discussed are education and the celebration of faith, missionary proclamation and dialogue, charity and cultural animation.


The project by a qualified professional aims to experiment with the use of the body as a non-verbal communication tool and to guide users to the creative and imaginative use of their movement. Specifically, it intends to: stimulate the imagination and creativity to give the possibility to express oneself through a non-verbal expressive channel; give the opportunity to take advantage of a symbolic space where to express emotions and conflicts, where to affirm one’s identity, to provide a space in which to discharge the energy accumulated during the day, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, encourage motor improvisation, promote socializing and increasing collaboration and tolerance, encouraging the ability to integrate into the group, enhancing personal potential through a non-verbal expressive channel.


Workshop by qualified music therapists in which the use of music and /or musical elements (sound, rhythm, melody and harmony) is proposed to a user or a group, in a process designed to facilitate and foster communication, the relationship, learning, motor skills, expression, organization and other relevant therapeutic goals in order to satisfy physical, emotional, mental, social and cognitive needs. Music therapy aims to develop the potential and /or residual functions of the individual so that he can better achieve intra- and interpersonal integration and consequently can improve the life quality thanks to a preventive, rehabilitative or therapeutic process.

About US

The reality elikya formed Association in the year 2012 and is a Christian reality of young people of different ages, cultures and confessions, united by the passion for music. Through the universal language of music, we want to transmit a message of hope for all the peoples of the earth.

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